Finance Manager


As  Finance Manager  you will be responsible for the financial health of the  company. Producing financial reports and developing strategies based on financial research. Guiding senior executives in making sound business decisions in the long and short term.


You must also be  highly familiar with Myanmar Accounting standards and tax regulations.

Duties as  Finance Manager

  •  Oversee all Financial  and Admin department employees
  • Monitor the day-to-day financial operations within the company, such as payroll, invoicing, and other transactions

  • Examining bank statements and reconciling them  with the General Ledger etc.

  • Contract outside services for tax preparation, auditing, banking, investments, and other financial needs as necessary

  • Track the company's financial status and performance to identify areas for potential improvement

  • Keeping vigilant an accounts receivable and accounts payable

  • Seek out methods for minimizing financial risk to the company

  • Research and analyze financial reports and market trends

  • Provide insightful information and expectations to senior executives to aid in long-term and short-term decision making

  • Review financial data and prepare monthly and annual reports

  • Present financial reports to board members, stakeholders, executives, and clients in formal meetings

  • Stay up to date with technological advances and accounting software to be used for financial purposes

  • Establish and maintain financial policies and procedures for the company

  • Understand and adhere to financial regulations and legislation.


Keys Qualifications &  Skills  of  Finance Manager

Must have Advanced degree in accounting, business, economics, finance, or a related field; several years of experience in a  key finance role with employee management and understanding of data privacy standards.



Superior  numerical and quantitative skills 

These are key as you will be dealing with all aspects of finance such as budgets and forecasting.


Advanced analytical, critical analysis and  problem-solving skills

You need strong analytical skills and excellent attention to detail as you will be analyzing financial performance and handling important documents.


Time management and organization

Working in accountancy means you will be dealing with strict deadlines and you will need to have a system to keep track of your responsibilities and priorities.


Leadership, Communication, Presentation Skills 

Not only will you have to communicate  in writing and verbal with different teams, you will also frequently have to communicate and present  clients. You need to be able to communicate complex information in a clear and understandable way and have fluent English both written and spoken.

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