The Green Way team has gone to the next level in more effectively connecting the farmers with the relevant experts not only for agriculture but also for livestock/fisheries.

With the latest update to the Green Way app, the app user can now also access qualified experts to answer their questions for Fisheries and Dairy through our project partners in these sectors.

Users can now see the green verification icon for the answers from the verified institute (content provider). They can click on the verifier name and continue reading other contents provided.


Added Filter on Q&A

The Green Way team has now added a filtering system by crop name, dairy and fisheries which is a great time saver for the farmers.


Double Checking before submitting answers for a survey

Before submitting a survey, the surveyee can check their input answers and can edit again if they feel their answers are not right enough.


Thein Soe Min

17 Dec, 2018