Zaw Win Htay is a young farmer from Mhan Ni Village, Yathae Taung Township in  Rakhine Stats.

 He discovered the usefulness of the “GreenWay” App for farming. 

 "While using Facebook, I read about the “GreenWay” App which is sharing agricultural knowledge and techniques free of charge. I was interested and downloaded it to know if it will work well or not” said Zaw Win Htay to GreenWay / Greenovator explaining how he got to know about us.

 He also shared about how he is now making homemade fertilizer using the techniques he read about on the  “GreenWay” app.  

 “In previous times, I did not know how to make fertilizer myself and had to invest in this. After knowing how to do it, I can save money and I am also getting to know the value of other better farming techniques from the  “GreenWay” app. Thank you “GreenWay” for creating this kind of platform for us.” 


  Zaw Win Htay

18 Mar, 2020