Green Way 2.0

Have a look to see how we are making a tangible difference and leading the trend on agriculture through M4D (mobile for development).

Our ninja like team is continually listening and studying to provide farmers with the best information and increasing our network of connected experts.
Let’s get a taste of what’s in the upgraded Green Way 2.0!

Lead the Innovations

Thanks to our alien team with super power and team work!

Home Screen

We have designed the home screen to be simple and colourful — you can just press the button for the area you want to look at or scroll down to see the latest posts from public contents. Based on your interests, you can go to the respective category. Question and answer session is also a feature of the home screen.

Based on our studies and and focus group feedback farmers and technicians want more engagement. Stickers are a fun, effective way to communicate. Farmers won’t feel embarrassed to say “pls explain again or pls give me an alternative solution”.
And our Q&A session now supports photo answers.

Cropping Guidelines
Unlike other apps, we are addressing individual farmers’ needs. Our new feature provides technical assistance based on a farmers crops and location. We’re starting with 5 major crops and will be adding more!
We’d love to invite you to participate in our impact making process as we target large and small scale farmers to support healthy crops.

Elders or poor eyesight? No problem with audio visual contents!
Thanks UNESCO! From an original pilot project we are now extending the audio and video features to other contents. If you want to assist in creating audio visual contents (including other local languages), you are the most welcome.



Thein Soe Min

17 Dec, 2018