The development of Greenovator as an online app has the potential to inform, guide and advise Myanmar’s agriculture workforce, who comprise over 60% of the country’s workforce. Charlie Michio Turner looks at Greenovator’s potential and talks to its founders, Thein Soe Min and Yin Yin Phyu.

Internet connectivity has swept Myanmar at an impressive speed, but incidents of abuse on social media are a reminder that being connected to others is not the same thing as being supported by them. A farmer armed with a SIM card has access to unlimited information to help their livelihoods, Greenovator is the new online platform that sorts through the infinite to offer the accurate.

The mobile phone application, entirely in the Burmese language, connects small farmers with experts in agriculture through a moderated message board. Farmers in-need can crowdsource their questions to a network of professionals which include agronomists economists and government bureaucrats- a broad coalition of volunteers which Greenovator simply refers to as ‘technicians’.

With over 60% of the national workforce in the agriculture sector, and Proximity Designs citing ‘Reliable information’ as a top challenge for Myanmar farmers, this online platform addresses a need, whether the app can be successful is a difficult prediction to make in Myanmar.

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31 Jul, 2019 MyanMore